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+We have owned and operated That'll Do Ranch since 1981, initially as a mixed farm, and running commercial cattle. In the late 80s we started to use our females in an embryo recipient program, implanting up to 130 embryos a year, which gave us our first introduction to the purebred industry. In 1990 we established our own purebred red angus herd and held an annual bull sale at Lakedell Arena from 1992 to 2013 when we sold the cows. 

Elvin purchased his first purebred border collie in 1982 and went on to win the World sheepdog championships in Meeker, Colorado in 1987. Our border collies have become the mainstay of cattle handling to this day, and a viable part of the business. We also custom graze approximately 2000 yearling grass cattle and replacement heifers which allows us to really develop our cow-bred Quarter Horses and Border Collies.

In 2012 we purchased a team of Clydsdale horses and an Amish covered wagon and they have become a part of the ranch, offering rides to the public and for our own private functions.

Our family was raised here at That’ll Do. Son Graham now lives in Red Deer, AB with his wife Zoe, and daughter Lindsey who lives close by and is raising her family together with husband Wyatt. Elvin's hobbies are training cutting horses, taking winter holidays and canoeing. Jan's hobbies are entertaining, gardening, canoeing, visiting hot climates in winter and being grandma.

It's A Family Business

Wyatt & Lindsey.
Wyatt & I were high school sweethearts with the same interests of rodeo and ranching. We married in 2005 and Wyatt retired from pro-bull riding the next year. We bought 25 head of That'll Do Red Angus cows and became actively involved in the work of the ranch.

In spring 2008 we welcomed our first son Blazen James, and in August 2010 our second son Bristol Wyatt arrived and on June 12th, 2013, our daughter Luvada Isabel joined the family. We have enjoyed our introduction to parenting and are looking forward to raising a family together!! 

Wyatt enjoys working on the ranch as well as trucking with his dad. His hobbies are hunting fishing and spending time with his family. Lindsey loves barrel racing, ranching and being a full time mom.

Elvin & Jan Kopp

Wyatt & Lindsey Kuefler

That'll Do Ranch

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