These little dogs have brought much joy into our lives with their loving nature and sweet, gentle attitude. They are happy and playful and delight in their owners.

CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS originated in Great Britain, the largest of the toy breeds and known for their gentle affectionate nature and sweet expression, although fearless and sporting.

Chosen carefully to reproduce the breed at its best and avoid health weaknesses. 

A very intelligent breed that will quickly build a solid bond with his owner/trainer, and should train easily.

A long, silky coat free of curl, with feathering on ears, legs and tail. Height 30-33cm (12-13”) Weight 5 – 8 Kg (12_18 lbs.) That Cavalier is graceful, well-balanced and free in action. There are 4 main colors:

Blenheim – bright chestnut red and white.Tricolour – Jet black with white and rich tan markings over the eyes, cheeks, inside ears and inside legs.Ruby – Whole-coloured rich redBlack and Tan – Jet black with rich tan markings over the eyes, on cheeks, and muzzle.

Because this is an indoor breed, this dog is well suited to apartment living, as well as living in a house. This makes the breed ideal for companionship for the elderly or disabled, who may not be able to get out and about much.

This is an indoor breed, and therefore the exercise requirements are not excessive. This breed will enjoy a daily walk if possible, or if you have a garden or yard this breed can benefit from a little play time outdoors.

This breed can be prone to weight gain, and therefore you should ensure that the dog receives a well balanced and nutritious diet that combines high quality kibble with quality canned food. Avoid the temptation to give too many snacks, as this may result in weight gain. Also, you should carefully monitor portions to ensure that the dog is not being overfed. Always have easy access to fresh water.

A healthy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should live to between nine and thirteen years.

A fine, medium length coat that requires weekly brushing to ensure that the coat is kept healthy and the hair does not knot. They are moderate shedding dogs and brushing will help cut down on shedding as well.



2 years old. 15 lbs. Blenheim. Male.  (Sir Beagley X Autumn.)

          SIR BEAGLEY

4 years old. 15 lbs.  Blenheim.  Male


5 years old. 12 lbs.  Blenheim.  Female.


4 years old. 10 lbs. Black and Tan. Female.


5 years old. 12 lbs. Blenheim. Male.