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Horse Drawn Adventure Tours

Meet our Clydesdale team  Andy & Amos.  
Enjoy the Amish built wagon with plush seats, brakes 
and springs for a most comfortable and safe ride. 

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About Us

+We have owned and operated That'll Do Ranch since 1981, initially as a mixed farm, and running commercial cattle. In the late 80s we started to use our females in an embryo recipient program, implanting up to 130 embryos a year, which gave us our first introduction to the purebred industry. In 1990 we established our own purebred red angus herd and held an annual bull sale at Lakedell Arena from 1992 to 2013 when we sold the cows. 

Elvin purchased his first purebred border collie in 1982 and went on to win the World sheepdog championships in Meeker, Colorado in 1987. Our border collies have become the mainstay of cattle handling 
to this day, and a viable part of the business. We also custom graze approximately 2000 yearling grass cattle and replacement heifers which allows us to really develop our cow-bred Quarter Horses and Border Collies.

In 2012 we purchased a teamofClydsdale horses and an Amish covered wagon and they have become a part of the ranch, offering rides to the public and for our own private functions.

Our family was raised here at That’ll Do. Son Graham now lives in Red Deer, AB with his wife Zoe, and 
Lindsey who lives close by and is raising her family together with husband Wyatt. Elvin's hobbies are training cutting horses, taking winter holidays and canoeing. Jan's hobbies are entertaining, gardening, canoeing, visiting hot climates in winter and being a grandma.

Elvin & Jan Kopp

Welcome ​​​​​​​To That'll Do Ranch

Meet our Clydesdale team  Andy & Amos.  
Enjoy the Amish built wagon with plush seats, brakes and springs for a most comfortable and safe ride. 

We raise, train and sell Border Collies. We also offer stock dog training seminars and training DVDs.

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We are producers of working Border Collies and performance bred Quarter Horses; also specializing in stock dog training clinics, seminars and horse-drawn adventure tours.

We're A Family Business!

Elvin & Jan Kopp​​​​​​​

Graham & Zoe Kopp

Wyatt & Lindsey Kuefler 

Stock Dog Training

A seminar is an instructive, hands-on dog/handler training school using livestock.
In a relaxed and informative environment, the goal of the clinic is to develop the ability, style and skill of the dog working with stock; although to a greater degree it is to teach the handler to bring out the natural ability inherent in the dog.
Clinics are usually 2 days in length.  All levels are welcome.    Times: 9 am - 5:30 pm daily.
To register or get more details contact us  or call: 780-682-2143


Friday & Saturday

Spring 2020

June 12th & 13th & June19th & 20th

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2020 Spring Dates:


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Elvin Kopp
World Sheep Dog champion 1987Five time “Alberta Open International” winner Five times A.S.D.A. “Cow Dog and Sheep Dog of the Year” in succession“National Nursery Cow Dog” champion Won many other competitions too numerous to mention. Has trained 13 dogs to win major open competitions in both sheep and cattle Judged all the biggest sheepdog competitions in North AmericaInstructs Stock Dog training seminars in North America and has taught over 6000 handler-dog combinations through his clinics
Some of Elvin's accomplishments are:

Elvin’s goal is to raise the level of training and handling in himself and others, and to date has had over 5000 handler and dog combinations through his training seminars.

To observe some of the work Elvin’s border collies do, see DVD  #3“Training the Working Stock dog – Practical Applications” by Elvin Kopp.

his biggest thrill to this day, especially the day to day work on the ranch.

remainsThe work on the ranch was increasing; raising purebred Red Angus, running up to 2000 grazing cattle in summer and feeding bulls and heifers in winter. Dogs had become a necessity for the operation and smooth handling of cattle. For Elvin, to witness the amount of heart, skill and desire in this amazing breed

Elvin's Bio
: Elvin Kopp took his first stock dog clinic in 1982 and a new passion was born. He was so impressed with the ability of the Border Collie that shortly afterward he bought his first purebred pup. Elvin threw himself into learning all he could; even traveling to Britain to learn from some of the top handlers; and in 1987 won the World Sheepdog Championships in Meeker, Colorado.


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Stock Dog Training DVDs​​​​​​​

Elvin produced a set of 3 DVDs in conjunction with Olds College on Training the Working Stock Dog. The first looks at developing the natural instincts; the second shows the mechanical training (that which is not natural) like the cross-drive. The third shows the practical applications of everything learned on DVD 1 & 2. These teach the comprehensive steps to training and are available through That’ll Do Ranch. “Training the Working Stock Dog” by Elvin Kopp. $100 for set of 3. 

To Order: Please pay by cheque, and make payable to That'll Do Ranch Ltd. for the cost of DVDs  (plus 5% GST only in Canada) and $15 shipping and handling.   
The DVDs may be purchased individually at $35 each, or the set of 3 at $100.
Send to RR 1 Westerose, AB T0C 2V0. 
For more information contact Jan.

Summer Or Winter...Discover a Beautiful Country Experience 

Summertime at That’ll Do Ranch
Take a tour ‘Old West style’ in a covered wagon through scenic terrain. Stop at the ‘Settler’s Cabin’ and roam around the site where early settlers 
traveled on the old Hi-way 13 road. Enjoy the trails and natural growth of the area.  Tour takes approximately 1 hour
Winter time at That’ll Do Ranch
Experience a sleigh ride through sparkling snow-laden trails and to the sounds of the sleigh bells ringing and snow crunching beneath horses’ feet.  Tour takes approximately 1 hour  Contact That'll Do Ranch for rates and schedules

Also available for special events and off-site rides. Contact Us To Book A Ranch Tour Today

Horse Drawn Adventure Tours


Cleat is a strong medium size dog. He has a big bite, lots of feel, medium to strong eye, and works both head and heal. He is a great listener and very correct. Toto is a classy medium eyed female with a ton of walk up and a great heel bite.

Sorry, there are no puppies available at this time.

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SIRE: Bill

DAM: Toto

Sire: Cleat